South African Casinos are Relying on Digital Technology to Provide Customers with an Enhanced Service


Across South Africa casinos are investing into digital technology in an attempt to update their gaming and non gaming offerings in order to provide customers with an enhanced customer service. Casinos have been focusing on improving Wi-Fi hotspots so that customers are able to download the respective casino apps and use it to order drinks and food that then gets delivered to their playing table. If a customer does not have a smartphone, then they are able to use a tablet on request and use it to access their apps.

Security has always been an issue for casinos and South African casinos are investing into the new digital facial recognition cameras so that they can maintain quality surveillance all the time. These cameras have a higher clarity and casinos can run pictures of any suspicious individuals through a database of known offenders.

Slot machine software doesn’t have to be constantly replaced anymore as slot machine technology now allows the machines to be configured in such a way that these upgrades happen automatically and casino officials can use the slot machines to offer poker one day and blackjack the next.

Casinos in South Africa are also setting up smartphone charging stations. Some of these stations have a small locker for security so customers can charge their phones securely whilst they are playing.

It has been reported by the PwC that from the 40 licensed casinos in South Africa, 38 of them are investing into digital technology upgrades.

Inter Poker Review

inter poker

Inter Poker uses the Cryptologic platform that has a shared player base. Inter Poker is also part of Inter Casino, which is one of the largest online casinos. The poker tables then have wild and loose games.

The poker room also has a large monthly loyalty bonus as well as money added tournaments and free rolls.

The software that is used on Inter Poker has a good functionality with a clean and user-friendly look to it. There is a monthly reload bonus that is offered after a new deposit that is $100. The bonus is released when 500 raked hands are played. There is also an open proposition player program where players will be paid to start new games or to play in short handed games.inter poker

The games that can be played at Inter Poker include Omaha, Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud, Omaha Hi-Lo and Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo. The games will vary between no limit, fixed limit and pot limit as well as full table, heads up and short handed play.

Inter Poker offers some of the loosest games online. The software that is used is up dated frequently to ensure safety and also to limit the amount of downtime.

The Headhunter challenge is a new addition to Inter Poker and is a new type of multi-table tournament. A player is able to win cash from every player that they eliminate. A portion of each buy in is assigned to player’s heads. The more players that someone eliminates then the more cash they will win. They will also become a bigger target, as the value for their own head will increase every time they eliminate someone.

The reload revolution at Inter Poker allows you to go to the cashier before you make a deposit each month and enter the bonus code that suits you so that you can get free bonus dollars. The size of your deposit and the player points that you have earned in the month will come into play in regards to the best bonus code.

Inter Poker offers players a unique experience in the promotions that they offer as well as the tournament that can be played. Inter Poker is one of the best online poker sites.