Genting UK Brings Casino and Online Experiences Together


Genting UK Brings Casino and Online Experiences Together

Chris Ashworth, the Genting UK IT director believes that its key to offer customers a great experience online and at its 47 casino in the UK to grow its brand, audience and to increase its bottom line as the Malaysian owned conglomerate launched its Resort World complex at the NEC last month.

Genting not only runs the new Birmingham leisure destination that is worth £150 million, but also the largest number of casinos in the UK including the exclusive London high roller clubs, Crockford’s in Mayfair and The Colony Club.

Genting UK

Even though Ashworth has noted the difference between the regional casinos and the private gaming establishments, the customer experience principle is still the same.

A provisional casino is different to a private establishment, but the challenge is still getting people through the door by offering a good customer service, which will help to grow the bottom line.

He also said that the home markets are underpinned by IT, but the human element is being introduced especially in London that offers a personal experience.

Traditionally the online business was kept apart but now he says they are bringing them together.

Bringing the successful land based gaming and the online experience together is not something that has not been pulled off by the rest of the industry. He said that if they were able to get it right with a single customer journey, Genting would be able to provide their customer base with something that no one else has.

He also said that they expect 6 million people to visit every year in Birmingham and that they are encouraging customers to share some data with them and to encourage them to come back.

He is especially excited about Wi-Fi to see how people interact with the site.